The System I Use to Organize the Photos and Videos on my Phone for Faster Social Media Posting

If you’ve ever found yourself scrolling and scrolling through your phone to find a specific photo to post on social media, scroll no more. This episode is for you—I’m sharing the exact system I use to organize my photos and videos on my phone! This eliminates the headache of not knowing what to post, but also saves you time and effort when picking your content!

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Five Folders You Need for Faster Social Media Posting

To make it easy to navigate your media on your phone for faster social media posting, there are five folders you should consider for your system!

Folder with Headshots and Brand Photos

The first folder should be a folder of low res headshots, branding photos, and stock images. I simply air drop low res images to my phone and save them directly to this folder so that when I need an image quickly, I can find it! I name mine by year as well!

Folder with PNG Logo Files

The second folder that you need is for your logo and brand files in a PNG format. For example, I have my main logo, my podcast logo, alternate logos, courses, products, etc. Everything branded is saved right there in my phone to easily place it on top of photos and videos to make it look more refined and branded on social media.

Folder with Testimonials and Social Proof

The third folder should include screenshots and graphics of testimonials and social proof. Any time you get a text or message from someone that praises you or your work, make sure you screenshot it and place it in that folder. Do the same with any publications, features, and awards! That way when you’re ready to do some promotions, you already have them gathered in one place as a collection of brags.

Stock Video Folder

The fourth folder to create is stock videos of yourself to have for extra reels and content creation for when you just need videos of you.

Portfolio Folder

The final folder to create is a portfolio folder that highlights your work so that you can constantly showcase the best of the best of your work within a moments notice.

The next time you update your website or refresh something in your business, go ahead and create these five folders and start adding to them. When you do this, it allows for you to have a starting point, but also create a habit of adding to them. Then start using them immediately! You can even combine the assets of each folder for your posts; for example, use some stock video and your logo in a reel or place your social proof on top of a portfolio image.

Bonus: Put your brand colors and assets into a folder so you can use the dropper tool on social media to pull what you need easily!

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