💬 Ask Joy: Balancing Client Work, Slow Seasons, Affiliate Marketing, & 8 Hour Work Weeks

While there are so many topics we cover here on the podcast, I wanted to answer the questions of our listeners! I recently put a poll up on my Instagram stories asking you all what you wanted to know about business, motherhood, balance, and everything in between! In today’s episode, I’m answering a few of those questions about balancing client work, dealing with slow seasons, finding success in affiliate marketing, and how I manage part-time work weeks.

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How can I start to prioritize my own business over a heavy client work load?

If you’re a solopreneur, working for yourself, your client work can really take over your time. The work you’re “supposed” to do on your own business gets pushed aside and we often get caught in this trap.

I’ve personally been there myself, but there are a few things to consider.

  1. You need a project management tool. When you’re unorganized in your business and projects, you become unclear about what needs to get done and what deadlines you actually have. For my clients, I use HoneyBook. For my projects, I use Notion. I believe that you need both of these tools.
  2. You need to track your time. When you understand your time and what you’re filling it with, you can make time for all of the admin, marketing, and networking related tasks in your business. If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

When you implement these two items, you’ll move out of the feast or famine cycle of your business.

If you were a single homeschooling mom and needed to make $60K, what would you do?

The next question I got asked, “If you were a single homeschooling mom and needed to make $60K, what would you do?” She followed up with the caveat that you can’t leave your house without the kids.

My first piece of advice is to look at what you are most skilled in; past work experiences, your craft, inside your business, etc. Maybe this is in photography through an in-home studio with product photography, food photography, headshots, and any in-home photography you can think of. In addition, you can create a service outside of your primary craft honing in on the skills you have, along with where there in a need in the industry within the education space: courses, products, and more.

If you’re looking to build a work from home business or services and want to explore a new lead generation source, take a look at Youtube for traffic.

Additionally, if you’re already homeschooling, consider tutoring or creating a micro-schooling pod in your home or virtually.

I find affiliate marketing boring… send help!! Motivational advice?

If you’ve been trying to find success in affiliate marketing, yet find it boring, I’m going to shoot it to you straight. You ned to find something new to be an affiliate for. When done well and for products you enjoy, affiliate marketing is not going to be boring. It is you serving your audience with something you love.

This could be an alignment issue. Evaluate your affiliate partnerships and ak yourself if they’re aligning and if it’s something your audience cares about.

If you’re ready to go all in on affiliate marketing, check out my Affiliate Marketing Jumpstart guide!

If you could only work 8-10 hours a week in your business, what would you focus on to move the needle and make the most of that time so you could eventually make full time income?

I personally haven’t worked full-time in my business in five years—so working less to make more is my jam. Start by theming your work so that you actually know how you’re working and what you’re working on. This will help you focus on the important tasks. Your themes could include:

  • Project Time/Client Work
  • Content Creation
  • Networking/Relationship Building
  • Admin
  • General Marketing

Then consider what you’re putting into each of these blocks so that you’re using your time efficiently. All of your blocks will be custom to you—you get to decide where you put your time, not your business.

If the goal is to go full-time, you need to build the systems out to support a full-time job. Where you’re putting your time should go to income producing activities. Don’t repeat tasks that could be templated or done with a tool or software.

Tips for planning for a slow season and maternity leave? 😭😭😭😭

in my own business, I have taken a sabbatical and two maternities leaves, plus dealt with slow seasons in my wedding photography career over 8 years. Here are a few tips I want to leave you with:

  • Know your numbers. When you know what you need to bring in to pay yourself, you won’t have to worry. Two resources to check out include Profit First and Episode 24 with Val Marlene.
  • Set terms to your maternity leave or slow season. This could include planned length, tasks you’ll complete, and how to prepare your team.

I hope you enjoyed this Ask Me Anything style episode! If you enjoyed it, we’ll make sure to add them as regular episodes here on the podcast! Send me a quick DM to let me know what you thought!

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