How to Create a Start-of-Day Work Routine

What if you could be your most productive and focused self when you sit down to work? That’s what I want for my days. Somedays I’m naturally clear-minded and ready to go, while other days I’m practically still asleep, waiting for my coffee to start working, and not sure where to start. In today’s episode, I’m sharing how my start-of-day work routine allows for me to get more out of my work by preparing myself for focused and productive time.

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What is a start-of-day routine?

A start-of-day or start up routine is a series of steps you go through, specifically before you sit down for a work block or sprint of time. Most of the time when I’m working, it’s in the morning, but this applies regardless of what time you “start” your work day.

Why should you have a start-of-day routine?

By leveraging a start up routine, you’re creating an environment that offers more focused time by taking out the lag time of the switch into work. Instead of jumping into the notifications that hit you first, flip the dynamic with less reaction and more intention.

My Current Start-of-Day Routine

In my current season, my childcare arrives at 8:00am while I’m usually still getting ready for the day. Once it’s time for me to kick off my start-of-day routine for work, here’s what I typically do:

  • Go into my office, shut door, roll down privacy shades, and turn on the white noise machine.
  • Light a candle
  • Sometimes I’ll put on music
  • Do my morning pages
  • Read the Bible
  • Clear the desk
  • Open my task management tool to my “this week” tab and review my daily tasks
  • Open my calendar and confirm appointments

That’s it—I’m ready to begin my first task of the day, based on that day’s theme.

How to Put Together a Start Up Routine in Your Business

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As your season of life changes, so will your start up routines. The point of the start up or start-of-day routine is to serve you and your current goals, but it also needs to be enjoyable so that you’ll actively do it! The 5 elements of a solid start up routine are:

  1. Your space
  2. Your mind
  3. Your big projects
  4. Your tasks
  5. Your plan and intention

It’s important to note that your routine can be as short or long as you want! So let’s review a few tips for creating your routine:

  • If you need to get better about drinking water while you work, make that part of it.
  • If you wish you were more consistent about taking your vitamins, add that too.
  • Make it unique to you, your season of life, and your business.
  • Try it for at least 2 weeks, then make adjustments as needed.
  • Make it enjoyable, or you won’t do it. This should be fun for you.

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