Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Google Business Profile & SEO

If you set up your Google Business profile when you first started your business, but haven’t touched it since, you might be missing out on visibility opportunities in your business! From optimizations in your search rankings to potential inquiries in your business, your Google Business profile plays a vital role in how you could potentially rank on Google. In today’s episode, I’m sharing 3 ways you can improve your Google Business profile & SEO!

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Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Google Business Profile & SEO

What is the Google Business Profile for? It helps you get found on Google! Most of my coaching clients have big goals to be seen and found online—I’m guessing you might have visibility on your mind too.

Google Business profiles are free listings that help you get discovered, show what your business is about, and allow you to share your services and connect more easily with potential customers. As a service provider and photographer, this is a no brainer!

If you don’t have a profile, you can make one for free here.

Create a good first impression by making sure that there is cohesion between your website, your social media, and what a person sees on google when they search for your business. Consider when someone searches for a term like “your city wedding photographer”—first of all, do you come up? If so, what are they seeing about you and is it updated and accurate? Cohesion leads to trust, and trust to brand authority. All things you will need to get hired, and to make money!

Let’s look at three ways you can update your Google Business profile!

1. Update all your business profile info and photos

The first thing you need to do is make sure that everything is up to date, relevant, and aligns with your business. Look at your services and service area, along with the images that are showing up.

With a Google Business profile, there is so much potential for SEO, so why not leverage that?

2. Take the last long-form piece of content you created like a blog post and post that to your Google Business profile as a post.

You spend a lot of time creating long-form content in your business, why not utilize that content on you Google Business profile? When you create posts on your Google Business profile, it will appear under your profile, increase your visibility, and you get to direct where people are clicking.

For example, if you’re running mini sessions, create an update and post about it. You’ll see “add a post” under your profile when you are logged in under the Google account you used to create your profile.

3. Request Google reviews from your past clients

Lastly, let’s talk about reviews. I’m convinced Google loves when you play the Google game—especially when you get others active on Google with reviews. Plus, when you gather fresh testimonials that talk about what it’s like to work with you, it gives Google a greater understanding of your business, making it more likely to appear in search. When was the last time you requested reviews?

Google has mad it easy for you to get customers to leave you a review by using a google generated link. You can click “get more reviews” when you are logged in, and it will give you a link to provide your past clients a way to leave a review directly.

Tip: Respond to the reviews you receive. It makes your profile feel even more active and engaged with customers.

I have found that it’s a best practice to request reviews in small numbers at a time, to avoid being flagged as spam by Google. I like to ask 3-5 people at a time, which is why building this into your workflow with each client is a good idea to make it automatic and avoid getting 20 reviews in 1 week and having Google think it’s fishy.

Google Business Profile also provides reports highlighting how many people interacted with your profile and what keywords people used to find you! It’s really helpful to see a summary of how many people used your profile to reach out, click over to your website, and more. If you list a business phone number you’ll see how many people made calls to your business through your Google Business profile.

I want to encourage you today to take 10 mins and spruce up your profile! Future you will be so thankful you did this for your visibility marketing.

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