What to Do When Your Ambitions Don’t Match the Time and Energy You Have | The Energy/Ambition Miss-Match

One of the biggest complaints I hear from busy entrepreneurs is that they don’t have energy or creativity when they sit down to work or that it comes in the most inconvenient times. I like to refer to this as the energy/ambition miss-match, when your ambitions don’t match the time and energy you have. In today’s episode, I’m sharing four ways I combat the energy/ambition miss-match to allow me to focus on the work at hand and have really productive days.

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The Energy/Ambition Miss-Match

Have you ever found yourself driving in the car, on a walk, or doing something where you’re not available to really dig into work, but then inspiration strikes? What about when you do sit down at your desk to work and your brain has simply turned to mush. I like to call this the Energy/Ambition Miss-Match. That energy just isn’t around when it should be or when you want it to be.

Let’s break down four ways that have helped me in my business when I sit down at my desk, I’m not feeling it, but that’s the only time that I can work.

Set an Intention Ahead of Time

To get around not always functioning at my best, I like to pull from a time when I was clear on my intentions—by setting my intentions during those times. This means I set intentions ahead of time for when I’ll be working, which makes it easier to know what I need to focus on.

An easy tip to maintain a productive work time (even if you don’t have the energy or ambition) is to pull out a sticky note and write down the one thing you need to get done that would make the day productive. This will eliminate the busy work that keeps you from attaining your goals.

Utilize a Project Management Tool

I believe that you need a project management tool to manage all of the data and ideas that you have in your business. Additionally, your project management tool should have a phone app for you to use on the go when those big ideas come to mind and you need to jot them down. The one thing we have with us at all times is our phone. Without this tool, you’re loosing some of your best ideas.

Have a Startup Routine and End of Day Routine

The next thing you should consider doing to combat an energy/ambition miss-match is to set a startup routine and end of day routine. Startup routines will help you get into the work mode and into the right headspace so that you find the energy to work on your tasks. My startup routine has been a game changer in my business and my productivity.

End of day routines are wonderful, especially when you don’t have a full work day in your business every day. This helps me transition out of my working mindset and into whatever headspace I need to move into for the rest of the day. This will signal to your brain that you’re leaving this task and moving into another—especially if you’re building out the plan for the following day. Essentially, you’re leaving a breadcrumb trail for the next time you sit down to work.

Pay Attention to Your Personal Energy Levels Throughout a Given Day or Week

Make note of your energy levels for creativity, exhaustion, etc. Tracking these will help you better understand when you’re at your best to be working on your business, your personal life, and more. In Carey Neiuwhof‘s book, he shares that 40% of the population aren’t classified as a morning person or a night owl—they would be higher energy in the afternoon.

The more aware of this that you can be, the more you can lean into your strengths and thrive as a creative. It allows you to protect your time as well. Consider also how you’re feeling after different tasks in your business or life. This will help you with planning your days.

Now that I’ve shared these four ways to help manage your energy/ambition miss-match, I’d love to know how you’re incorporating them into your business! Come connect with me over on instagram at @joyymichelle.

Review the Important Sections:

The Energy/Ambition Miss-Match (1:35)

1. Set an Intention Ahead of Time (3:45)

2. Utilize a Project Management Tool (5:55)

3. Have a Startup Routine and End of Day Routine (7:44)

4. Pay Attention to Your Personal Energy Levels Throughout a Given Day or Week (11:25)

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