How I Make Money On Youtube

How I Make Money On Youtube

You’ve heard me say time and time again that Youtube can be a GREAT way to diversify your income and bring additional revenue into your business. But, what does that actually look like to do that? And how much do I REALLY bring in on a regular basis? In this video, I’m going to break down my numbers for you on how much income my channel brings my business. This is something I’ve never done before! It’s time to pull back the curtain and dive into the 5 different revenue streams I have on my channel along with a full breakdown.

Two very important things to note too before we dive in:

  1. It is NOT too late to get started on Youtube

    There is still so much potential on this platform. It has not peaked, this ship has not passed, you are not behind. I believe that anybody can experience success on this platform.

  2. This is not being shared for my own gain

    In fact, this was one of the MOST requested videos on my social media a few months ago. Many of you asked for more details about the channel and what was possible on Youtube which I why I decided to create an entire video on it.

Youtube Adsense

There are ads that play regularly on this channel that you’ve most likely watched and that is through Google and it’s called Adsense revenue. Below is a breakdown of my Adsense revenue from 2021 on my channel. There are some fluctuations throughout the year but that’s normal. In 2021 from Adsense alone, my business made a little over $7,400 on Youtube.

As you can see, it brought in some income but nothing that could be a full time income which is why it’s important to have additional streams of revenue on Youtube. I have found too that my channel is actually on the lower end of what an account can make depending on what your channel is about. While ad revenue is great, I would encourage you not to rely to heavily on it for your overall income plan.

My Digital Course + Template Shop

The second thing I have is a digital course and online shop on my website with resources for photographers that I share about on my channel. It’s another great way to earn some additional revenue but sharing content specific for photographers, growing an audience of photographers, and then selling educational resources for them. Learn more about the resources in the shop by clicking HERE or on the image below.

Business Coaching Packages

Additionally, I also sell business coaching and group coaching packages for photographers and creative small business owners. Through my coaching, I help business owners launch and grow their Youtube channels. We cover a variety of topics together including:

• Starting Your Channel
• Optimizing Your Channel
• Workflows & Automating
• Editing
• Building an audience

And so much more! I love coaching other business owners about Youtube and helping them succeed on this platform. If you’re interested in learning more about coaching, you can click HERE.

Sponsored Video Content

Another way I bring in revenue on my channel is through sponsored video content. Now, this can happen one of two ways, I’m either approached by the brand or I approach them. Essentially, what happens is that the brand pays the creator to talk about their product, service, or software in a video promotion. It’s really important to make sure too that the product, service or brand fits into your own content. For example, I worked with a company called Greetabl and had a whole series about client gifting because it fit well with my business.

Something to note though is that these videos actually take more time than many might think. While they can be lucrative for your business, they can be time consuming and you also want to make sure that you don’t exhaust your audience too much with promotional type videos.

Affiliate Income

Finally, affiliate marketing brings in revenue on my channel as well. Affiliate marketing is when you talk about another brand, product or service, and instead of them paying you for a sponsorship, you simply use a unique link. With that link they track your sale and give you a small commission if someone buys through that it. I’ve talked extensively about my favorite softwares, apps, books, products I love for my business, etc and I find it’s a great organic way to bring in affiliate income.

Things I love to share about include:

My favorite CRM platform, Honeybook – Take 50% off your first year

Where I purchase my business contracts – The Legal Paige

My Amazon Shop – This is all the gear I use in my business

And so much more! If you decided to use any of those links above and buy through them, I’ll receive a small commission back. All of those affiliate income commissions really add up over time and help generate revenue to help support this channel.

Every single small business owners, yes even photographers, should be thinking about some affiliate income in their own businesses whether or not you have a Youtube channel.

What To Do Until You Monetize Your Channel

It’s very clear that you CAN indeed make money on Youtube and one of the simplest and best ways for that is through the ads that play on the videos. However, when you first start a channel it can take a little while to get your channel monetized and then ads make more sense. You have to reach a certain level in order to monetize but it’s not impossible in the slightest.

In the meantime, it’s a great idea to have a monetization plan for your videos and business. Look at Youtube as a funnel to drive traffic to your business versus the business itself. Think of yourself as a marketer first and someone who is always solving problems.

What other questions might you have that you’d like answered? I’d love to hear in the comments below and if there’s any specific takeaways you had from this post, share that too!

If you decide to use any of the links above and buy through them, I’ll receive a small commission back. All of those affiliate income commissions really add up over time and help generate revenue to help support this channel

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