Work-from-Home Productivity Hacks

Are you being as productive in your business as you could be? Maybe it feels like finding a balance feels impossible, because you have so much to do. In today’s episode, I have invited four amazing guests that are going to share their perspective on time management and productivity as a working mom. Not only will each share their current working situations, but they’re giving you the best work from home productivity hacks, habits, and tools that have helped them move towards their business goals. Listen in as Elizabeth McCravy, Stephanie Kase, Ashlyn Carter, and Ashley Freehan share their own valuable experiences!

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Work-from-Home Productivity Hacks from Elizabeth McCravy

As a new mom, Elizabeth and her husband decided that it was important that they were both able to work and care for their baby boy during his first year of life. This means that they’re both working part-time, about 15 hours per week.

One habit that has helped Elizabeth move towards her goals and stay productive while being a mom has been to leave the house for work. She intentionally plans two days a week where she leaves the house to work. On the days that she’s not able to leave the house, she takes a few minutes to plan out what she will handle when she has the time to work. This hack has helped her reach her goals and be more productive with the time she does have in her business.

Elizabeth believes that if she could go back and do things a little differently, she wouldn’t have been so hard on herself. Anytime she came up with a new business idea, she felt guilt in that she wanted more time with her baby, but she didn’t have to feel that. Additionally, she would have given herself more time to dive back into work rather than working in spurts while she was still on maternity leave. As a new mom, pay attention to what you need!

It can be really hard to be present in motherhood or business—give yourself grace. You can be thinking about one while you’re spending time with the other and it doesn’t say anything about your abilities as a mom or business owner.

Meet Elizabeth: Elizabeth McCravy is on a mission to help small business owners and designers stand out online and create a successful, sustainable personal brand. She designs gorgeous, strategic website templates that over 1,000 customers have used to elevate their business and teaches motivated designers how to book out their services. Elizabeth shares all her business strategies, design tips, and working mama advice on her popular show – The Breakthrough Brand Podcast, where listeners describe the value-packed, relatable episodes like chatting with a friend over coffee. A Showit Top Designer and go-to resource for the online business community, Elizabeth is generous in sharing her business savvy, design know-how, and life experience with other business owners. At home, she’s navigating her role as a mama to a sweet baby boy, managing her real estate business with her husband, reading the latest mystery novel, and sneaking in episodes of Law and Order: SVU when she can.

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Work-from-Home Productivity Hacks from Stephanie Kase

As a new mom to twin girls, Stephanie is easing back into work from maternity leave at around 15 hours a week. She and her husband both work from home, so they are able to support each other through this transition into parenthood, while she is running her business.

One of the biggest hacks that Stephanie has found in being productive while being called to both is using the in-between moments to complete simple tasks, then using bigger chunks of time to knock out bigger tasks that involve deep work. This calls for her to also be proactive and intentional about planning her days.

In looking back at how she used to work from home, Stephanie wishes she had incorporated at standard routine that she went through. Having a routine became necessary to her after having babies.

If you’re a mom and you’re chasing big dreams, Stephanie recommends asking for help where you need it. She’s so excited for her girls to grow up and see their mom chasing dreams, but in order to do that, there will be times in both her business and her life where she needs help and support. Don’t be afraid to ask for it.

Meet Stephanie: Stephanie is a business educator and content creator. She helps brands confidently create content so they can show up consistently, maximize their reach, and grow online. Besides running her brand, you can often find her cuddling her two Sheepadoodles, hanging out with her husband and twin girls, and drinking a chai latte.

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Work-from-Home Productivity Hacks from Ashlyn Carter

Ashlyn is a mom to a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old, who started her business prior to having children. Understanding how much harder it is to be business owner while raising children, she still struggles with getting everything done that she wants to accomplish. With that being said, Ashlyn works from 8 to 3 each day, while her children are in childcare. It’s not uncommon for her to lose at least one day a week in her business due to something going wrong with childcare, a sick kid, or anything else.

Over the last few years, Ashlyn has found a few hacks that have really motivated her and kept her productive in her business while being a mom. One of the first hacks that Ashlyn started in her business right as the pandemic kicked off was 4AM sprint sessions in her business with a friend. They’d jump on Zoom at 4AM and work for two hours to know out the biggest projects they had in their business. Whether that’s a 4AM or just an afternoon coworking session, having a buddy will help keep you accountable. Plus, using an app like the Focus Keeper app to help you with productivity can also be a game-changer for you! Another hack that Ashlyn has implemented is splurging on a nice candle and referring to it as a concentration candle that she can only light while she’s working on big projects in her business. If you can make it happen, another hack is going on work-cations can also help you be productive in your business. And lastly, bribing yourself after completing strong work.

In looking back over her last few years in business, one things she would do differently when she first started in her business would be always having a dedicated workspace so that she did not get distracted from work and also investing in the business by investing in her space. She calls this Ashlyn-proofing her business!

While no one has it all figured out, finding balance can mean whatever you need it to be. Don’t forget to set aside time to think in your business and how you could grow this!

Meet Ashlyn: Ashlyn Carter is conversion copywriter and marketing strategist specializing in wedding & creative industries. She traded Fortune 500 clients in corporate marketing to bring in more than seven-figures in her business writing for creatives, now helping women write words that sell, so they can work from a place of rest—not hustle.

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Work-from-Home Productivity Hacks from Ashley Freehan

Ashley Freehan is a business owner and mom of two, whom she is currently homeschooling! She’s currently home with them full-time, working 10-15 hours a week in her business. Those working hours may be at a desk, inside a trampoline park, at a picnic table, etc.

Ashley has found a few habits to help her stay productive while growing her business and raising her family. First and foremost is self-care in the mornings by waking up an hour and a half before they do, but also setting a boundary with her kids that she needs alone time in the mornings. This helps model self-care to her children, but also is a saving grace for her. The second habit is creating special time with her kids. When you give your kids the positive attention that they need, they’ll give you the space you need. The third habit is to set aside time each week for CEO time—where she’s focusing on the big picture strategies in her business.

Since she has always had kiddos around in her business, one thing that Ashley would go back and change would be to be really specific and intentional about what she was working on. Her advice would be to get creative about how you’re working, what you’re working on, and if you need help.

In addition to these hacks, one final recommendation that Ashley would share would be to start time tracking to know where you’re spending your time. You have to be flexible in your time, but the best way to know where your time is going is through time tracking.

Meet Ashley: Ashley Freehan is a business and motherhood coach for mom photographers, brand photographer, podcaster, wife and homeschooling mama saved by grace. She is passionate about helping mom photographers confidently step into their role as CEO in their business so that they can increase their profits, while working less and without sacrificing their family or their sanity. She does this through her podcast and group coaching program called the Side Hustler to CEO.

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