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What is your visual brand telling your potential clients without you even realizing? There are a few important elements to consider in your brand visuals that can help elevate your brand to look more professional, trustworthy, and valuable. In today’s episode, we’re exploring those elements, a few red flags for keep you from looking like an amateur, and a quick exercise to ensure you have a consistent visual brand.

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Elevate Your Brand through Visual Design

Your visual brand tells a story to your audience, but what assets are included in your visual brand? This is your logo, Instagram and Pinterest graphics, blog headers, ad any visual component of your brand. These visuals can impact how your customers see you and thankfully you can control the message, but your brand can also work against you.

Your brand visuals impact if someone sees you as credible, professional, and trustworthy. By implementing the principals of design and building beautiful visuals for your brand, you can elevate your brand for your customers. Here are some of the ways that you can elevate your brand through visual design.

Use the Same Headshot Across All Social Media Platforms

The very first visual you should consider is your headshot and the consistency of how you’re showing up online across multiple platforms. There is a client journey that takes place that you may not have any control over, therefor, you should make sure at any entry point, it makes it easy for them to recognize you and trust that you’re the person they want to work with. Incorporating the same headshot across all social platforms and your website allows consistency to ensure that you unify your brand to look like one business.

Select One Primary Typeface for Your Company

The next thing you need to consider is selecting one primary typeface or font for your company and use it across all platforms in your branding. This will help associate the font with your brand and build brand recognition.

Have a Brand Color or Palette of Colors

In addition to having a primary typeface to help with brand recognition, having a brand color or palette of colors can elevate your brand as well. Color is one of the reasons that we remember a brand. It’s important to consistently use this color or colors across your brand, as it offers really elevated details in your brand, especially when you know the HEX codes for your colors

Have White Space for When You’re Designing

White space is your friend when it comes to design, as it gives the elements room to breath—less is more. Your eye needs space to rest on a page. When the design elements become too much and are overwhelming, it leads to potential customers leaving the page.

Common Pitfalls & Red Flags of Amateurs on Websites

While I’ve covered a few really valuable elements to consider in your visual design, there are a few pitfalls I also want to highlight that cause brands to look less professional:

  • Having a Non-Pro Email Address
  • Having a Website that’s Not Secure
  • Not Having a Favicon on your Website
  • Broken Links, Coming Soon Pages, and Bad Navigation
  • Having Social Icons in Footers that Don’t Go Anywhere or You Don’t Use.

If you’re curious if you need to do a little work on your brand visuals, let’s do a quick exercise. Open your website and social media accounts, then perform a quick audit of your visual brand. You may find inconsistencies in your visual brand: fonts, images, colors, logos, etc. Let’s change those to be consistent!

The Brand Authority Blueprint

Everything that we chatted about in today’s episode is actually included in my free guide, The Brand Authority Blueprint. You’ll see everything we discuss in this series on becoming an in-demand brand and decide what you want to be know and remembered for.

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