Celebrating 100 Episodes with a Huge Giveaway

Today we’re celebrating 100 episodes of Called to Both, the podcast for the ambitious woman raising both children and growing a business that she loves. As we celebrate, I want to share some of the best parts of hosting a podcast, my favorite episodes, and how you can celebrate with us! Plus you can enter our 100th episode giveaway!

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Enter the 100th Episode Giveaway

To celebrate our 100th episode, I’m hosting a huge giveaway! The giveaway prized include:

  • One hour of private coaching
  • One week of Voxer support
  • PitchPower Email Templates
  • A seat inside of Hobby to Pro Toolkit

We’ll be picking four lucky winners to each win one of these prizes! How do you enter? There are a few ways to enter and each will earn you one point towards your entry!

  • Leave a review for the show, screenshot and send it to me! (even if you already left a review)
  • Share your favorite episode on Instagram stories and tag me: @joyymichelle
  • Share an episode with a friend & let me know!

This giveaway will be open for one week, closing on March 25th at 11:59PM EST.
Winners will be selected March 26th.

Reflecting on 100 Episodes of Called to Both

As I reflect back on 100 episodes of being the host of Called to Both, I’m reminded of just how much work I’ve poured into this show and where I started. I wasn’t sure how long I would host this show for, so to sit here at 100 episodes, it’s surreal. To celebrate, I want to pull back the curtain and share a few updates and thoughts around Called to Both

Trademarking Called to Both

For the last 10 months, I’ve actually been working on obtaining the trademark for Called to Both! We’re officially in the final stage of the trademark process thanks to Indie Law!

What’s My Favorite Episode?

As a podcast host, I’m often asked what my favorite episode has been. I really enjoyed the Energy Ambition Mismatch episode where I talked about the struggle when you’re really ambitious, yet you’re tired and lack the time to work.

While I loved this show, I’ve also really enjoyed guest episodes. I haven’t had a ton of guests in this season of life, due to how I’ve built my business around my life. I’m excited to bring on more guests in the spring—if you’re interested in applying to be on the show, fill out the application form.

I also really enjoy doing the Q+A episodes and will be creating more engaging and unique ways to explore these in the future!

Behind the Scenes of Producing a Podcast

I knew from the very beginning, based on my experience in producing Youtube content, that I did not want to be responsible for producing my podcast. I simply didn’t have the desire to do that.

Shoutout to Haylee at Gaffin Creative for being my podcast producer and manager, supporting me along this journey from the beginning.

Sometimes we compare ourselves to other business owners and what they’re creating without considering the team that is helping them create it. There is so much that goes into creating content, so when you’re feeling like you can’t keep up with what others are creating, remember that they may have a team helping them and don’t fall into that comparison trap.

My Favorite Thing About Content Creation

One of my favorite things about creating content is the opportunity to iterate and change the game. We have the opportunity to do different styles of content and share what we want! That is what has kept me interested in podcasting. If you’ve been creating content for a long time, make sure you’re exploring the new opportunities that are out there.

The more you create, you learn to explore your infinite creative potential!

If you’re enjoying the content we’re creating on the podcast and want to connect with others who are called to both, make sure you come join us in the Called to Both Facebook Group!

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Indie Law

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Gaffin Creative

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