Investing in In-Person Education: Elevate 2023 Recap

Educational opportunities like conferences are a great way to take a step back and really focus on your business, which is exactly what happened for Kayla Brint and me at the Elevate Conference in January! In today’s episode, we’re recapping our biggest takeaways, some of the raw and real moments of leaving our families at home, and what’s going to be changing moving forward in our businesses as a result of this conference.

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Elevate 2023 is a women’s mastermind summit that brings the industry’s leading and most passionate creative entrepreneurs together. We believe we have the power to elevate the way women small business owners connect, create, live, and grow.

Finding a Business Bestie

Before we dive too far into the experience, I want to take you on a journey—the one where two random strangers became immediate besties in a Facebook Group! I’d actually posted in a Facebook group seeking advice about webinars back in 2019. This sweet lady—who was apparently on a road trip—told me to call her because she had a ton to tell me.

Kayla had just had a webinar that failed her and wanted to help me, a complete stranger, not experience the same. So I called her. That phone call launched our friendship of daily conversations!

Our Experience at Elevate 2023

As we recorded this episode a week after getting home, our minds were fresh with ideas! We’d had time to really think about our experience, but also process what we wanted to implement! Let’s dive into what it meant for each of us to attend Elevate!

What made you decide to attend a business conference?

Kayla: As someone who had attended a lot of conferences pre-pandemic, she wanted to see the differences and be in person again. She has noticed that in-person events have taken it to the next level and those attending are taking full advantage of the time they have there. Additionally, she wanted to finally connect in-person with me!

Joy: For me, I had to just do it when Kayla mentioned it. Had I not bought the ticket and made travel arrangements, I likely wouldn’t have set aside the time to do this for my business. I also was really excited about the timing, the friends, and the connections!

Leading up to the conference, how did you feel, what did you expect, and how did you prepare?

Joy: This conference snuck up on me—I had to plan the logistics of leaving the kids at home with my husband, coordinate my childcare, and prepare my team. There was a mental mountain I had to climb just to leave. As soon as I arrived at the airport, it began to feel like a spa day that I needed.

Kayla: Kayla had to mentally and physically prepare for the trip: preparing the household, taking care of car maintenance (for driving), and business organizing.

What’s one thing that surprised you about the conference?

Kayla: Her favorite part of the conference was going back to the hotel room, processing and talking about what we’d learned at the conference.

What’s something you learned about yourself or as a result of the conference?

Kayla: With every single speaker, Kayla was reminded that’s she’s playing small.

Joy: I need to be more intentional about taking the time to do this thing. It was a reminder of what I always say, action breeds clarity.

Do you have a top takeaway or quote you learned as a result of elevate?

Kayla: One of the biggest takeaways for Kayla came from a conversation with Laura Esmond, who is in the next season of life from Kayla with preteens. She shared how her business is still growing yet she’s scaled back in her business—this showed that it doesn’t matter how long you do this or how old you get in your business, you can still be just as excited to grow.

Joy: For me, there were two major takeaways. A panelist said “Companies don’t fail, founders quit.” This was so impactful for me. Additionally, Ellen Yin shared about the different elements of buyers and how you should be building a profit stacking method so that you’re not just growing an email list of freebie seekers.

What’s something you’ll be doing DIFFERENTLY because of something you learned during this conference?

Kayla: She is going to do things, and do them scared. She’s going to stop second guessing herself and holding herself back.

Joy: The first of my two changes include selling more, making more offers, and telling people what I want them to do! Secondly, I was recommended the book Overcoming Underearning, which I’ve began reading to continue to improve my money mindset!

Bonus: Just show up before you can see the path.

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