Growing a Facebook Group to 10k Members and My Best Community Growth Tips

If you are thinking about starting a Facebook group for your business or you’re looking to grow an existing one, this episode was created for you! In today’s episode, I’m sharing tips on growing your Facebook group — how I did it and a few tips and tricks you can implement today for faster growth!

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Why Facebook Groups are Important

Did you know that nearly 1.8 billion people use facebook groups every single month? That’s such a huge market of people to connect with and Facebook knows the value that groups provide. That’s why Facebook is putting an emphasis on groups in their platform and rewarding those who use groups! For business owners, what can a Facebook group offer? Well here are a few reasons you should build your own Facebook group for your business!

Fb Groups Allow a Deeper Connection in Building a Lasting Relationship with you

When you create a Facebook group that supports your clients and business, it offers a direct line of connection to you. This allows you to stay top of mind for your clients when it comes to being an expert in your field!

It Can Lead to a Community

When I started my own Facebook group, I didn’t know that online connection and community could be such a powerful thing. The Photoboss community became a community for photographers to connect, learn, and grow! Now members are using it to create lasting relationships and connect with like-minded individuals who know exactly what it’s like to run a photography business.

Tips for Growing Your Facebook Group Faster

Starting a Facebook group from scratch can be overwhelming, but based on my own experience of growing (slowly at first), I’m sharing a few tips you can implement to grow faster.

Have a Clear Focus or Solution

When you know the focus of your group, you’re able to attract the right people to join. in my own group, I knew that I wanted to solve the problems that photographers had in their business of wanting to grow. By making this the solution, it gave them a reason to join.

Give People a Reason to Stay

Once they’ve joined, you have to give them a reason to stay. The best way to do this is to create content for them that is valuable, but it doesn’t have to be elaborate. Drop prompts and engaging posts in there to make it worth the users to comment and engage! This will keep people actively coming back to the group!

You have to cast a vision

The next thing to consider is casting a vision for your group. My friend Elizabeth is great at fostering communities and taught me this. So cast a vision for your group!

Tip: Facebook Doesn’t Like When You Link Outside of the Platform

One thing I’ve learned is that facebook doesn’t love when you drive users off the platform, so a great way to do this is to build really valuable resources within the community itself!

Your Posts will Thrive When You Foster Community

When you’re building a community, they want to connect and engage—therefore they will engage on your posts in the community. Make sure you’re putting the community first in everything you’re sharing!

Getting the Most Out of Your Facebook Group as a Business

If you’re a business owner looking to use a Facebook group for your business, there is so much value in it for you and I highly encourage you to get started! There are a few tips that I have in regards to best practices for your business’ facebook group!

Make it Private & Be Request only

Facebook allows you to set the access of your group to public, private, or hidden. You want to make sure that you’ve created a private, request only Facebook group. You want people to feel like a member, so if it’s public, there is no reason to join.

Use the Entrance Questions to Inform your Content

The next tip is to use the entrance questions to your advantage, inform your content, and connect with your members. This can be in regards to why they’re joining, what they want to get out of the group, and more!

Use Your Group Description to Lead Members to Your Offers

The final tactic is to use your group description too lead members to your offers, as when they join, they may head there to learn more about the group, who you are, and what you do. Offering members the opportunity to work with you is valuable for you as a business owner, but also just a solid strategy for your visibility.

What I’m Doing for My New facebook Group

Now, if you haven’t already, make sure you join my new Facebook group, created specifically for listeners of this podcast! As I begin to grow this Facebook group, there are a few things I am doing differently as I build it!

Making the Members the Focus

While the members of any group should be the focus, I’m making sure that each and every post is serving them, not me or my business. I am highlighting the members more often than I am anything else..

Asking Members to Invite their Friends

The next thing I’m doing is asking members to add their friends! While I want to build a space for listeners of this podcast, I also want to build a community for those who feel called to both.

I hope today’s episode encouraged you to build up a Facebook group and community for your brand, business, or even podcast! If you’re enjoying the content we’re creating on the podcast and want to connect with others who are called to both, make sure you come join us in the Called to Both Facebook Group!

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