Why you should print & display your photos


Raise your hand if you have hundreds (and, probably more than likely, thousands) of images that you have never printed out! I’m raising my hand right now because I’m totally guilty of this. I’m writing this post to remind you to print and display your photos.

These photos are special to you and if they were to get deleted or lost you would be upset. I know I would be. The invention of cell phone cameras and digital photography has been awesome, but one thing that is a shame is how little we print these images. Back in the day, film meant you would get physical prints just by default. Our parents and grandparents could pull out albums and boxes of their memories when people came over.

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of when my siblings and I would pull out our family photo albums and spend hours laughing about the photos inside. I think we should bring this back, if only for the sake of keeping our images and memories alive for future generations.

So today I want to give you 3 super easy steps + options for HOW to print and display your photos.

1. The Classic Print

Print and display your photos

You can’t beat a classic print. I like to get my photos printed in standard 4×6, 5×7 or 8×10 sizes. This allows me to use them inside of print boxes, or have the option to later frame them if I wanted to.

A couple of my favorite labs to print my work are: Nations Photo Lab and Artifact Uprising 

2. CanvasesPrint and display your photos

These are another really beautiful way of displaying your photos – not to mention decorate a space. A canvas can be a simple solution for displaying your favorite images because you don’t have to worry about framing, matting, or storing the prints like you do for lose prints.

Canvases can be collaged or hung on their own. I have 3 vertical canvases in my office just above my desk and I’m working to create a collage of my travel photos next for our living room. This is the company I use for canvas prints!

3. A digital Canvas

Meural might be the solution for you if you like to change your art frequently or you have a hard time making the decision on what images to print. Using a digital canvas like Meural, you can literally change the images daily and control the display using your phone.

Use the Code: 494667 for $50 off!

See more of just how cool this digital canvas is below in the video on my YouTube channel.



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