The Business Reboot Part 2 | Building Your Strategic Roadmap

As we dive into part two of the business reboot series, it’s time to talk about your roadmap. In today’s episode, we are creating a roadmap so you feel clear and organized in your plan.

This is part 2 of the four-part Business Reboot series:
Part 1 | Assess & Reflect: Setting the Foundation

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Why Planning is Important

When you don’t have a plan, you will have days where you show up to work and you don’t know what to work on while you have other days where you’re on fire. When you plan, you can go into every day with a focus, allowing for more productivity in your business.

So how far in advance should you plan? I believe that planning for three months at a time is the best approach, because anything beyond that tends to get wasted as things change in business and life.

Building Your Strategic Roadmap in Your Business

In part 1 of this series, we touched on where you may want to go in the future. Consider what goals you want to hit in the next three months.

Power Tip: Make sure your action plan/roadmap exists somewhere outside of your head, like in Notion.

Developing Your Content Plan

There are so many things to consider in your content, so here are the three things I want you to map out:

  • Pick one thing to sell
  • Pick one platform to focus on
  • Decide the action you can take that is in your control

When you take back control, you can decide how many blog posts, social media posts, podcast episodes, and more that you are actually going to make. This allow for intentional planning around what you’re selling and how you’re selling it.

When you stick to a roadmap, you start to see incredible results. Even when you don’t want to show up, you still have a plan that you can follow.

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