The Business Reboot Part 3 | 3 Ways to Boost Your Visibility

As a part of this business reboot series, one of my goals is to help you get more clients. I think a big part of that is through being seen by new people—it’s time to amplify your presence! In today’s episode, we’re exploring three methods of visibility!

This is part 3 of the four-part Business Reboot series:
Part 1 | Assess & Reflect: Setting the Foundation
Part 2 | Building Your Strategic Roadmap

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Three Visibility Methods to Grow Your Business

Building a business requires getting in front of the right people. In order to get seen or found by the people you want to serve, you need a visibility plan or strategy! Let’s walk through three simple methods to getting visible as a business!

Content Creation

Content is my favorite organic strategy for getting seen and generating new leads. I built my entire photography business on content creation. This is also a really solid option when you’re just starting out, as it’s more affordable.

Content is not going out of style—if you’re not creating content through blog posts, youtube videos, podcast episodes, social posting, etc, then you’re leaving money on the table. In addition to the value your content provides your audience, you also have to consider the SEO benefit it provides to you.

Let’s put your content to the test! If doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to work for your business. Consider if your content is something you’d be interested in if you were your ideal customer. You content should be interesting, entertaining, or helpful—even better if it’s all three. Create your content, post it, then pay attention to what happens next.

Pitching Yourself

The next visibility method is through pitching. There are so many opportunities to pitch yourself, like podcasts, speaking opportunities, blog posts, collaborations, and more. Pitching yourself can get you in front of new audiences, but also build trust with the collaborators warm audience!

If you’re not sure where to start when pitching yourself, make sure you check out my PitchPower Templates!

Networking and Building Relationships

With so many changes happening in the online space, one thing will never go out of style: relationships. Sometimes the very best visibility opportunities will come to you through the relationships you’re building in your network and industry!

My recommendation for getting started with networking and building relationships is to find and go to these events: business meetups, networking events, community events. Figure out your industry, then look up where you can find a local meetup OR reach out to someone for a zoom call.

You can also build relationships through supporting others online by meaningfully engaging with their content online.

If you’re enjoying the content we’re creating on the podcast and want to connect with others who are called to both, make sure you come join us in the Called to Both Facebook Group!

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