The Mindset On Time That Is Holding You Back

There never seems to be enough time in the day for you to get everything done in your business, right? What if I told you that a few simple mindset shifts could completely change the trajectory of your business success? In today’s episode, we’re talking all about mindsets around time, how they hold you back, and how you can take control of them!

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The Mindset On Time That Is Holding You Back

A lot of the mindset beliefs that we have around time hold us back in finding success in our businesses. This is so important to shift, especially if you’re working part-time in your business—so let’s make a mindset shift that can change everything for you.

What is Parkinson’s Law?

Parkinson’s Law is this old adage that work basically expands to fill the time that you have allotted for its completion. Think about last minute work when you’re cramming to get stuff completed—you almost always complete the work.

Unlink Time From Success

Let’s unlink time from success. This is our first mindset shift. More time does not equal more success. Whether you’re working 5, 15, or 50 hours per week in your business, you have the opportunity for success. The time you’re spending in your business does not necessarily correlate to it.

More time in your business can lead to overthinking, perfectionism, and procrastination. This is a direct result of Parkinson’s Law.

If we take Parkinson’s Law and apply its theory to our own time in business, we could get just as much done in far less time. The sooner that we can unlink the quantity of time spent on something to getting this given result and getting that outcome, the sooner that you’re going to actually be able to make big leaps in your business.

Determine Your Desired Outcome

Rather than consistently using time as an excuse for something not working or happening in your business, instead consider your desired outcome. What is it that you want to happen in a particular area in your business? Detach time from that and determine instead what will get you there.

While it may take you time to do things in your business, if we’re constantly attaching an amount of time to tasks, then we’ll always assume it’s going to take that long, versus putting our head down and completing the work that will drive us to the outcome we want to see.

You Determine the Time Commitment, Rather than Letting the Activity Tell You

Another mindset shift is that you can decide how long you’ll spend on an activity by setting a timer. When you sit down to complete work in a dedicated amount of time and you tell yourself that you’re going to get as much done during that timeframe as possible, then you’ll be operating at your highest level of focus. In our Power Hour episode, we cover this exact topic in detail.

By using the concept of Parkinson’s Law here, you’re getting to determine how your time is spent. There will be times that you don’t complete your activity in the amount of time you set, but the beauty is that you get to change how you handle that task moving forward. Sometimes you can get distracted during your timed amount of work—by looking at your time, you’re able to adjust and make those changes.

Audit Your Time

If you’ve felt like there could be some shifts in ow you’re working in your business, I want to challenge you to a time audit. Simply install a tool like Toggl and begin tracking your time in every tasks you’re doing. This will help you determine where you’re spending time, wasting time, and even not doing enough in your business.

This study will give you more self-awareness and I believe your self-awareness is directly tied to your success.

Apply This Mindset to Your Business

The crazy thing about our minds is like they are not fixed. Our minds are elastic and they do have the ability to change. So let’s shift your business mindset today!

What is something that you are spending too much time on? This is generally something that you believe you could be more successful in if you could just spend more time on it. Now shift those mindsets. Disregard your time, determine your desired outcome, and focus on that during your dedicated time to that activity.

Remember, whatever we focus on and whatever we consistently measure, that’s what we can grow.

Tools & Resources

To wrap up today’s conversation, I want to share a few tools that have been game-changing in my business in regards to time.

Notion – Project Management
Toggl – Time Tracking
Focus Music / White Noise & Brown Noise
Timing Cube – Productivity

Additionally, here are a few episodes that will help you with your mindsets on business, time, and productivity:

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