How to Make Sure Your Content Makes You Money đź’°

Have you ever felt like creating content in your business was a complete waste of time? Whether you’re not seeing the payoff or you’re simply discouraged in your content creation cycle, this episode will help ensure that you monetize your content! When your content strategy starts with income, you’ll see the results you’re looking for.

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Four Ways to Monetize Your Content

While you might be creating really popular content, that doesn’t necessarily lead to you making money.

Nothing leads to burnout faster than making content that doesn’t lead to income—I know from my own personal experience. My experience in creating content has taught me a lot and I’ve done so many different forms and types of content creation, like:

If you’re ready to explore monetizing your content, let’s walk through the four key things you should be doing to ensure you’re making money with your content from the start.

1. Build Your Email List

When you’re building pillar, long-form content like a blog, podcast episode, or Youtube video, I want you to put a focus on your email list. You need an email list. An email list will give you the opportunity to build your email list beyond your pillar content and then monetize your content.

Flodesk and Kajabi are two of my favorite email tools for creators.

2. Use affiliate links

Affiliate links are a powerful way to infuse more income streams into your content. If you create content yet don’t use affiliate links, you’re leaving money on the table.

If you’re ready to get started with affiliate marketing, I have an entire guide for you to download! I’ve developed an affiliate marketing strategy that has brought me freedom in my business and I’m sharing this strategy in my free guide! 

3. Build a community

When creating content, consider your community. Who are you serving, how are you serving them, and where are you serving them? Consider truly building a community around what you offer in your business so that your content is stronger.

I have built my communities within Facebook groups inside my Photoboss® community and the Called to Both community.

4. Talk about your own products & services

If you are a service provider or sell products, you need to talk about your offers and make it easy for your audience to work with you. To start, make sure it’s easy for your audience to figure out what it is that you offer! Then actually talk about it in your content—making sure that it aligns with what you offer.

As you’re creating content or reviewing the content you already have, use these four things as a checklist! If you’re not hitting 3 out 4 of these with your pillar content, then you’re leaving money on the table. Let’s actually take a look at this podcast as an example and how I used this checklist to make money:

When you use these four things as a checklist against your own content, you’ll be able to ensure whether or not you are prioritizing making money in every piece.

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