How a YouTube Channel Can Help Diversify Your Business Revenue

Have a Youtube channel been on your list of things to do in your business for a long time? If you’re interested in diversifying your business revenue, Youtube offers a variety of options for you! In today’s episode, I’m helping you explore how Youtube can be a valuable tool to get you moving towards diversifying your revenue streams in your business and why it’s a great tool for content marketing.

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How Content Creation Adds Revenue to Your Business

Before we dive too far into using Youtube to further diversify your revenue streams, it’s important to understand the role that content plays in your business. Content marketing is a valuable tool that can fuel your ability to market your services and sell your offers.

I am a firm believer that content is a need in a business in order to stay relevant and grow. A great content hub to consider is Youtube.

Three Reasons to Use Youtube for Your Content

Youtube is an incredible platform for growing an audience, generating revenue, gaining clients, and building brand authority. Here are three reasons to consider Youtube for your content creation journey:

  1. Sustainability: Video content lasts longer, creating sustainability in your content creation. I personally still make money from Youtube videos that I posted years ago.
  2. Audience Growth: Youtube helps grow your audience and expand your reach, allowing you to sell to more people.
  3. Search Engine Optimization: Did you know that Google owns Youtube, therefore they prioritize Youtube content in search results. When you embed Youtube videos on your blog, it increases your SEO, because Google can index videos on a page.

Building a strategy for your Youtube content may feel overwhelming, but I’d love to help you reach new people and grow your business with Youtube! Let’s work together on your Youtube strategy through my coaching program.

How To Make Money on Youtube as a Business or Content Creator

If you decide to pursue Youtube for your content marketing strategy, it’s important to understand the primary ways that you can make money for your content.

  1. Channel monetization through Google Adsense (requires 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months).
  2. Brand deals with sponsored videos.
  3. Selling courses through your specialized content.
  4. Selling coaching or services by highlighting your expertise in your videos.
  5. Affiliate income when you’re sharing about products and brands you love.
  6. Grows your email list organically through tools like Flodesk.

Ultimately, a youtube channel can help to build your brand and with it an audience and community. When you have a brand you have options for making sales in new ways that feel exciting for you.

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