5 Ways You Are Losing Authority Online Right Now (Are You Making These Mistakes?)

If you are ready to start attracting dream clients who see your trustworthiness and credibility, it might be time to look at how you’re presenting yourself online. Say goodbye to haggling over your pricing, long lead times for bookings, and bad clients. In today’s episode, I’m sharing 5 ways you are losing authority online and how to fix it.

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5 Ways You Are Losing Authority Online

Brand authority is the key to taking you from a service provider to being seen as a go-to expert and authority in what you do. The reality is that one is simply running a business while the latter is dominating a market.

You can strategically implement authority into your brand and business. Brand authority helps you become in demand, get booked out, and charge more. As I was helping one of my own coaching clients build their brand authority last week, I wanted to highlight five things that I saw that are pretty quick fixes! None of these things are going to make or break your business, yet the details matter in building authority in your business.

Using an Unprofessional Email Address

If you’re using a Gmail or Yahoo email address, I highly encourage you to switch to using an email address that matches your domain. This is a simple way to exude professionalism and legitimacy.

Enhance Your Email Signature

There are far too many entrepreneurs who are not leveraging email signatures at all. Whether you’re using a CRM or inside of your email platform, you need to enhance this valuable real estate. You can own that space, take authority, and be strategic with your email signature. You could include not just your name, but how they can connect with you, opt-ins for your email list, media features, trademarks, and more.

Linking Away from Yourself

When you look at your website or Instagram account, are you linking away from yourself? Your goal of your platforms is to keep their attention on you—not linking them away. Consider this in your Instagram bio and your main website pages.

Your Old Instagram Highlights

While Instagram highlights are a really cool feature, if you’re not keeping these updated and cleaned up, you’re likely sharing outdated and irrelevant content. When someone clicks on these highlights, the oldest feature comes up first—take a look and see if it represents you well. Audit those and see when needs to be archived.

Website Footer

Your website footer is a great spot to put a lot of things, yet it’s so underutilized. Take them to places that are useful and give them information that is valuable to them about your business. Think of your footer as a junk drawer, where things can go that don’t necessarily have a place somewhere else on your website.

Now if building authority is something that you want to dive even deeper into, trust me I’ve got you! I have a whole series of episodes on this and I have a free guide for you to take a step closer to this today. You can download the Brand Authority Blueprint for free!

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