Creating a Visibility Plan For Your Business Marketing

Whether you’re new to your business or you’ve been in the game for a while, you know that unless you have eyes on your business, you will struggle to get bookings and customers. So what’s the answer to getting in front of those potential customers? A visibility plan.

Here’s the problem: Visibility marketing activities are often the first to get dropped in our business when we get busy (or just wrapped up in other tasks!), which slows down our inquiries and leads to less new clients. In today’s episode, I am highlighting the timeline of your marketing efforts and how you can create a visibility marketing plan in your business.

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What is Visibility Marketing?

Getting visibility in your business from a marketing perspective is all about getting in front of new potential clients that may want something that you are selling. It builds trust, awareness, and demand for your business overall, for both new customers and potential future customers.

In order to gain the trust of your audience in what you do, they need to associate you with that service—visibility marketing helps connect you to that service for them.

Visibility Marketing Activities for Your Business

There is so much value in visibility marketing, but only if you’re consistent in putting in the efforts. I encourage you to commit to making visibility and marketing something that goes into your calendar every single month. When you’re consistently showing up, those efforts that you work on months ago will continue to pay off. Here are a few visibility marketing activities you can implement into your business:

Repurpose and Share Older Content that Performed Really Well in the Past

It can be really easy to fall into the trap that you have to constantly be creating brand new content, but let’s challenge that thought. Some of your best content is buried on your Instagram feed and not being seen. Revisit that content and share it again. You can repurpose across platforms, recreate content concepts, and more!

Pitch Yourself to Collaborate with Another Business Owner

A valuable way to get in front of your ideal audience is to borrow other audiences—pitch yourself to collaborate with another business owner who has an audience that you would love to get in front of. It’s important to look for people who aren’t your direct competition. This could be as simple as a podcast interview, a webinar for their audience, etc.

Speaking of pitching…Let’s talk about that more!

Pitching can be one of the most powerful ways to expand your reach and audience. I created Pitch Power Email templates to make the process of pitching yourself as simple as using a template. Instead of starting from scratch as you reach out to brands, business owners and podcasts, you can use my proven templates.

In this template pack, you get 11 customizable email templates for pitching.

Show Up in Facebook Groups 

Facebook groups are a really great place to find collaboration opportunities and connect with other creatives, but some Facebook groups allow you to share your knowledge, blog posts, podcasts, and more, which can allow you to connect with potential clients.

Be sure to check out the group rules for posting and sharing or simply send a message to the admin of the group.

Optimize Your Content for SEO

Your search engine optimization doesn’t just have to be focused on new content. If you’ve created landing pages, blog posts, or service pages in the past, you can optimize those now. As a business owner, you are a content creator.

Without optimizing your content for search you’ll continue to feel like you’re shouting into the void when it comes to publishing your work.

Keep Evergreen & Video-Based Content Top of Mind

It’s important to stay in-line with trends, but evergreen content will be more valuable in the long term. In creating video-based content, your content will be prioritized on social platforms and allow you to reach more visibility.

The other reason I love video content is the simple fact that not everyone is willing to do it. And when you do the things not everyone is willing to do, you stand out. You get the chance to be seen and heard which also leads to the likelihood of building trust with your audience and viewers.

Schedule Your Visibility Activities

Last but not least, I encourage you to put your visibility marketing activities on your calendar. It can be easy to get burnt with content or even forget to create, but when you create a plan that is attached to a calendar it takes the guess-work out of your day to day posting.

Be sure to check out Pitch Power E-mail Templates for plug-and-play templates on getting visibility, collaborations, and brand deals.

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