How To Use Honeybook For Your Photography Business

One of the most common questions I’m asked is, “How do you manage all of your clients behind the scenes?” My secret weapon – Honeybook!

This is the platform I’ve used for YEARS with all of my clients to send invoices, contracts, questionnaires, proposals, and so much more! In this video, I’m going to dive into some of the capabilities it has and what it could possibly offer your business as well! We’ll talk about what is has to offer small business owners and some of the features included. 

If you’re interested in giving it a try for free use this link to get 50% off your first year. 🎉

Let’s dive into how to use honeybook for your photography business!

Honeybook Feature: Templates

By far, one of the BEST features within Honeybook is their templates! You can create email templates, questionnaires, contracts, proposals, schedulers, and so much more!

Templates really are a game changer for your business because they save you soooo much time behind the scenes! Instead of spending the extra 5-7 minutes to write the same email out that you just sent to your other clients, make it into a template! 

My personal favorites are their brochures and their questionnaires! I love using their brochure templates to create and update my pricing guides. And it just allows me to have a professional looking guide to send clients very quickly.

You can also create a workflow and automate the brochures too! Additionally, I have my wedding questionnaire and coaching client questionnaires in Honeybook as well! You can take advantage of having the Honeybook team upload my questionnaire into your Honeybook account as well if you email their concierge team! 


I wanted to highlight contracts specifically because even though they are a template feature in Honeybook, they have so many features within that are great for any business owner!

One of the BEST features for contract templates is the smart fields. Smart fields allows you to automatically fill in all of your essential information within your contract. This can be the event date, event location, client names, client contact info, etc. There are a number of smart fields to pick from that you can build right within your contract! There’s also the ability for both you and your potential clients to sign electronically as well! 

Another common question I’m asked if, “Where do you buy your contracts?” or where do you find effective workflows and questionnaires? You can find photography contracts and basically everything else you need to go pro inside Hobby To Pro Toolkit to help you get setup for success! 

Workflows & Automations

Workflows and automations is a SUPER powerful tool within Honeybook! You can create an unlimited amount of workflows in Honeybook with as many steps as you need!

For every client you take care of in your business, write out the process of working with them and create a workflow for yourself! A lot of the steps within your workflow too can be automated which is such a win! Instead of spending extra hours behind the scenes manually sending emails or forms, create some automations that will allow these things to be sent seamlessly for you. 

I also have a whole starter tutorial for getting started on Honeybook and setting the account up with your branding HERE.


I LOVE that Honeybook has a way for you to integrate your calendar! You can integrate it with your Gmail calendar and also with Calendly if you want to have you scheduler.

You can also take advantage of the Honeybook scheduler tool as well. The calendar will show me different days that I’m getting payments coming in, it’ll show days that I’m coaching or shooting, It will also show details about the event within the calendar too. 

Client Pipeline

Honeybook will allow you to manage all of your clients in a customizable pipeline so you know exactly where everyone is at in their client experience process. You can create new projects in their for yourself too as you land new leads outside of your website or contact forms. 

Simply choose to add a new project, fill in their contact information, and you’ll be prompted to their project page where you can customize their cover photos, workflows, begin sending them files, and more!

Time Tracker

Another great tool and feature in Honeybook is their time tracker! A lot of times, this is an overlooked feature but it’s actually one of my favorites.

Having a running knowledge of how long tasks are taking you is important and will also allow you to bill your clients if need be. You’ll also be able to see what your hourly rate is based on how long certain tasks are taking you to complete. This will allow you to know too when it’s time to begin outsourcing in your business. Take advantage of this!! 

Mobile App

Finally, the last feature I want to highlight is the Honeybook mobile app. This is one of the biggest reasons why I’m able to manage my business on a part-time schedule and basically have. a full-time income.

I have the ability to be on my phone a lot and complete everything I need to through the app. When. I receive an inquiry, I can quickly send a response, send a brochure, look at. my calendar, add a client and create a workspace. It pretty much let’s me do every single thing that I touched on in this post inside the app. 

These are just a few of the many ways that I use Honeybook! I’d love to hear in the comments what some of your favorite Honeybook features are and how you use the platform for your own business. Be sure to take advantage of your free trial or 50% off your first year if you haven’t already as well. You can do that HERE

If you decide to use any of the links above and buy through them, I’ll receive a small commission back. All of those affiliate income commissions really add up over time and help generate revenue to help support this channel

Ready to dive a bit deeper into Honeybook and all that it can do within your business? Check out this step-by-step tutorial on their new feature called Smart Files!

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